Another clean up day

Another clean up day. 🙂

And a new theme.


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I have Clean the bad comments.

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I have worked in this blog since 18/8/2006 (Almost the day the Writer appeared) on my free time just for fun and now i don’t now what to do because the Windows Live gallery for writer is on.

The Windows Live gallery for writer has now few Plugins, will it be updated often? Don’t now.
This blog will still be useful to people who use the Writer?
Nice people have helped me like Matt, Scott, Horacio, Iggy, Peter and others, to you all i say thank you from my heart.heart

Should i go on?


The following is a summary of the changes in the Writer 1.0 (Beta) Update:

  • Tagging support
  • Support for Blogger Beta
  • Categories are sorted by name and support scrolling, plus improved support for reading categories from your blog
  • Improved startup performance
  • Paste is enabled for Title region and TAB/SHIFT+TAB navigation between title and body supported
  • Insert hyperlink added to context menu when text is selected
  • Title attribute in Insert Link dialog
  • Custom date support for Community Server
  • Improved keyboard shortcuts for switching views
  • Change spell-check shortcut key to F7
  • Add ‘png’ to insert image dialog file type filter
  • More robust image posting to Live Spaces
  • Improved style detection for blogs 
  • Fixed issues with pasting URLs and links
  • Remember last window size and position when opening a new post
  • Open post dialog retrieves more than 25 old posts

Blog News

New Header made by Matt Brindley.smile_regular

Thank you Matt.thumbs_up

Insert Live Search v1.0

 Insert Live Search Result from MSN Search.

Windows Live Writer Plugins


Amazon and Delicious Plugins v1.0

Two new LiveWriter plugins:

  1. Amazon – enables the author to quickly add an amazon associate product link with image to a post.
  2. – enables embedding a list of recent links from to a post.


Insert File via FTP v1.0

Insert a File Via FTP.

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I´m Feeling Lucky Plugin v1.0.1

Update: Version 1.0.1 – There was an issue where by if you type your own custom search, then decided to set it to the same as the Link text, the search text didn’t change. This has been fixed.

Old Version: v1.0

Soapbox Plugin v1.0

Scott made another Plugin for windows Live Writer: This one is for embedding videos from Microsoft’s new video site, MSN Soapbox.

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